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Armed security staff are referred to as ‘commissioned’ security officers since they are required by the state of Florida to carry a firearm while on the job. The standards for carrying a handgun as a security guard are stringent, but they are essential. People are still perplexed as to what armed security guards truly do. Security guards are sometimes confused with law enforcement officials, however they serve a distinct duty in the society. To protect private property or individuals, armed security guards are employed.

What is the Role of an Armed Security Guard?

When people hear about an armed security guard, they instantly think of action movies with a lot of guns being used to wipe out bad guys. The reality, on the other hand, is completely different. The state of Florida requires armed security guards to be trained and skilled in the use of guns. Every few years, refresher courses must be completed in order to re-qualify.

The qualification is divided into two parts: theory and practical. The drill focuses on how to handle a handgun in a variety of settings. It’s critical for the security guard to demonstrate that he can keep his gun under control no matter what occurs. The theoretical portion of the course focuses on learning about firearm safety and the importance of only utilizing a handgun as a last option. Security guards must do everything possible to avoid firing their weapon.

Overall, the responsibilities of an armed security guard are similar to those of an unarmed security guard. So, keeping an eye on attendees at an event, safeguarding the surroundings while transferring products or persons, or looking at the monitors of security cameras to spot suspicious activity are all options. All of these tasks are carried out by both armed and unarmed security personnel. The primary distinction is that armed security personnel are authorized to carry and discharge their weapons.-

Role of an Armed Security Guard

What Are the Advantages of Employing Armed Security Guards?

If you’re unsure whether you should employ an unarmed or armed security guard, you’ll need to determine your security guard requirements as well as the advantages of hiring an armed security guard.

The first advantage of employing an armed security guard is that it quickly conjures up images of protection. They will feel at ease doing anything they want without having to worry about their safety. They are aware that there are persons in their immediate vicinity who are tasked with ensuring their safety at all times.

In the state, carrying a firearm is lawful. Even though there are severe licensing requirements, citizens are permitted to carry firearms to defend themselves and their property from intruders. The number of weapon owners has risen in recent years for a variety of reasons. As a result, the need for armed security guards has surged in Florida. It is true that having an armed security guard around you makes you feel safer because you know that those who wish to attack you are also armed. It’s no surprise that high-end businesspeople, attorneys, legislators, and prominent businessmen are now surrounded by armed security guards.

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Our armed security guards have lived here for decades, so they are familiar with the finest travel routes and can communicate in the local language. We will discuss your security requirements with you, develop a security plan, and ensure that your safety is protected everywhere you go. We can also assist you in securing your company with armed security guards. Our highly trained security guards are former law enforcement officers with years of expertise. They know how to deal with risky circumstances in a safe manner since they’ve been in such scenarios before. Request a free quotation right now by contacting Security Services Inc.

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