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Our high-visibility patrol cars, which are clearly marked and fitted with security lights, provide a strong visual deterrent on your site. Our mobile patrol security vans help police on your premises patrol more efficiently, resulting in more effective monitoring. Our police monitor your property more efficiently, are more vigilant, and can react quickly. Our officers will maintain a visible presence on your site, giving residents, employees, and visitors peace of mind. Security Services Inc offers the finest and most efficient mobile patrol services in the industry. We collaborate with you to determine your security requirements and customise our services to your demands and budget. We provide services that provide you peace of mind concerning the protection of yourself, your property, your workers, and your guests. Security Services Inc’s services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Construction, retail, corporate, and commercial enterprises all rely on mobile patrols as a critical service. Mobile patrols are a security service that operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, supplementing current CCTV surveillance and/or human guards. If you have a bigger company location, such as a construction or industrial site, manned guards and mobile patrols are an excellent way to keep your site secure and reduce the risk of crime.

What Are Mobile Security Patrols And How Do They Work?

Mobile security patrols are basically security officers that may roam about your premises, rather than being stationed in one place, to maintain order and report any suspicious activity. This is especially important after hours, since it ensures that trained eyes remain on your premises all night, ready to respond to unusual activities.

Many bigger sites already have CCTV installed, but it’s crucial to think about where CCTV can’t go or when CCTV vision can be hampered, such as at night when light levels are low or when bad weather affects visibility. The frequency with which your site is patrolled will be determined by the size of the premises and your specific security needs. We offer mobile patrol services for the following locations at Security Services Inc:

  • Residential structures
  • Malls are places where people go to shop.
  • Areas of business
  • Universities and schools
  • Hotels
  • Sites of construction
  • Communities of business
  • Locations for businesses
  • Automobile Dealerships
Patrolling Image
Patrolling Image

Best Patrolling Processes

Security Services Inc collaborates with you to create customized programs and patrolling processes that are tailored to your needs. We collaborate with our customers to determine the appropriate patrol schedule and frequency for their property. We then send highly trained and excellently experienced professional patrol officers to your business to conduct the finest tasks possible.

We recognize the necessity of having a large security presence on your site. As a result, we supply you with armed and unarmed mobile security personnel, as well as marked patrol cars. Patrol personnel from Security Services Inc are trained to react to a broad range of security requests. We will respond quickly and effectively if there is any suspicious or criminal activity.

Security Services Inc’s security officers will be your eyes and ears on the site when it comes to security issues. Internally, our mobile patrol units will monitor, record, and report any security breaches that occur inside your facilities. Officers patrolling in marked cars will keep an eye on your property and report any evidence of threats or suspected criminal activity.

Our GPS technology enables us to track all of our patrol vehicles’ movements. Security Services Inc has the ability to monitor them at any moment. Other services provided by our mobile patrol officers include:

  • Alarm Reaction
  • Services for Locking and Unlocking
  • Employees who work late at night or early in the morning are protected.
  • Detecting unlicensed automobiles
  • Services for first aid
  • Parking lots and buildings are being patrolled.
  • Activating the emergency and fire response systems
  • Assessments and control of risks
  • Examining outside areas

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