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We are a licensed and insured security company operating in Orange County. When you need comprehensive security solutions that cater to your specific needs, we are the people you can trust. We are a security professional with more than 30 years of experience in security services. Security Services Inc provides a range of security services that include Mobile Patrol or private, commercial and government properties, trained security guards, private security, executive protection, and armed security services. Our company can give you peace of mind with your security. You can focus on your business when you hire us. All our security professionals are trained in their fields, and have been checked by our background verification team.

Our Services

Mobile Patrol In Orange County

When you need mobile patrol for your Orange County business or residence, we are the people you can trust. They can patrol around the property in various intervals, randomly or in case of any suspicious activity. Mobile Patrol service ensures a large area of land is secured through patrolling. Potential accidents can be avoided by mobile patrol, and it will also deter burglars from breaking in. Our mobile patrol team can respond to alarms and emergency calls.

Executive Protection In Orange County

Our body guards are armed with modern guns, and communication devices to ensure utmost safety of our clients. We evaluate each assignment through the eyes of the people you’ve entrusted us to safeguard. What you receive is a totally customised strategy that is suited to the executive profile and objective of the project. We also know that the higher the profile of the CEO, the more important it is for security professionals to maintain a lower profile for reasons of discretion.

Security Guard In Orange County

Do you need trained security guards for your company, we have got you covered. We have armed and unarmed security professionals working for us. OUr security professionals are certified with Certified Security Manager (CSM), Certified Security Specialist (CSS), Certified Security Executive (CSE), Certified Security Associate (CSA). We will make sure your company specific security needs are met when you provide you with security guards. They can guard gates, guard events, they can be fire security, bodyguards, mall security guard, store security guard, anti theft security guards and more.

Private Security In Orange County

When you need private security, let us know. Private security can provide security to commercial, residential or government institutes. You wouldn’t have to take the burden of hiring guards, looking into administrative work, training, provident equipment, etc. We will take care of all the aspects of complete security of your business or residential property. We also provide security for individuals such as executives. We can provide bodyguards, security escorts and more. Private security ensures you can focus on your business while we take care of the security aspects of the things.

Armed Security In Orange County

We provide armed security for the people and businesses of Orange County. Our armed guards are trained and know when to draw their guns, so you don’t have to worry about your staff being in danger. They will also prevent crime from occurring because your business will not be an easy target for criminals. They are not only trained in firearms, but also as regular security guard duties. They are experts at what they do. Give us a call when you need armed security guards.

About Us

We are one of the best known security companies in Orange County. We have thousands of employees and hundreds of offices operating in Orange County. With more than 30 years collective experience, we are the industry leaders. We keep our clients safe, we employ cutting-edge security solutions. Our personnel have access to the most advanced security equipment. It is quite hard to find a guard on your own who will supply you with security services all day and all night on a daily basis. Whereas a lot of big security agencies would have adequate workers to meet your needs, it would be their obligation to manage and coordinate a guard. That is why we are the company you can trust. We offer 24X7 security, all days of the year. For guarding your property an adequate number of guards will be present on your property even during weekends and holidays.

Why Hire Us?

  • We only work with trained security professionals.
  • We equip our professionals with modern security devices.
  • We custom plan your security requirements.
  • Our services are affordable while being reliable.
  • Choose any security service you need and we will provide the best professional for it.

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