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Our company in San Diego has decades of expertise providing people and organisations with the greatest security solutions. Having proper security gives you a peace of mind so you can focus on things that are important to you. Whether it is individuals or business, security is one of the best investments. We are a qualified and insured firm devoted to offering dependable security services. Our employees are certified in CPO, CSS and CPOI. We employ cutting-edge technology and inventive methods to keep you and your stuff safe at all times. Our custom security solution ensured no two businesses are secured the same way when their needs are different. We offer mobile patrol, stationary security guards that may be armed or unarmed, private security guards, and provide executive protection.

Our Services

Mobile Patrol In San Diego

Security Services Inc provides mobile patrol services for a large area. These mobile vans will be in motion, going around the property and securing the boundaries. Our security guards will patrol properties strategically and “randomly,” frequently after hours when the facilities are empty.

Executive Protection In San Diego

Our exsecute protection team can devise an effective plan for securing your executives and carry it out so that those who require security have it whenever they need it – whether at the workplace, on the road, or even at home.

Security Guard In San Diego

We have armed and unarmed security guards for your property. They will carry taser guns, metal sticks, and other equipment for guarding your property. We have guards for commercial as well as residential properties. Whether you want security guards during work hours or close hours, we have them for both. Security officers serve as a physical and visual deterrent to crime.

Private Security In San Diego

Our private security reports any criminal conduct or occurrences that they witness throughout the course of their duties. Private security personnel patrol the neighbourhood, watch video surveillance, examine the property, and so forth. They inspect all entrance points to guarantee the facility’s security. Unauthorized persons are denied access and their identity is checked by private security personnel.

Armed Security In San Diego

We provide armed security services for individuals, companies and houses. Armed security refers to one or more weapon-trained defence specialists that you can engage to safeguard your person, family, team, and property. Consider the uniformed personnel who keep a close watch on the comings and goings at your local bank. It is not always possible to conceal the worth of your property, and to be honest, you should not have to. A firearm might dissuade individuals who might try to steal or vandalise your property, but you may not want to carry one or be trained to use one.

About Us

We are one of the best known security companies in San Diego. We have thousands of employees and hundreds of offices operating in San Diego. With more than 30 years collective experience, we are the industry leaders. We keep our clients safe, we employ cutting-edge security solutions. Our personnel have access to the most advanced security equipment. It is quite hard to find a guard on your own who will supply you with security services all day and all night on a daily basis. Whereas a lot of big security agencies would have adequate workers to meet your needs, it would be their obligation to manage and coordinate a guard. That is why we are the company you can trust. We offer 24X7 security, all days of the year. For guarding your property an adequate number of guards will be present on your property even during weekends and holidays.

Why Hire Us?

Our certified, professional security guards provide highly trained personnel, which, when paired with cutting-edge technology, results in the finest security.
We do thorough risk assessments to find the best way to reduce security risks and create a security strategy that will allow your firm to work efficiently inside a safe environment.

When assigning guards to your location, we carefully analyse all of your criteria so that we can pick officers that will fit in with the culture of your firm. We seek for the best match the first time so that our clients may benefit from security staff continuity.

Our unarmed and armed security guards are trained to use cutting-edge security technologies to ensure that your institution receives the care it requires at a reasonable rate.

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